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Post Testimonial

A challenging and transforming experience

When I reached out to Masuimi to inquire about the shoot I was emotionally trashed and had barely any self confidence.
The booking process was easy and stress free and she kept in touch with me til the day of the shoot.
I was incredibly nervous but she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident in myself.She was also very flexible and accommodating when we had to slightly adjust the shoot time.

She dressed me and coached me while Morat did an exceptional job and also got me to laugh quiet a lot.
They brought this side of me out I had no idea existed and when I saw the proofs I was speechless.
I went from being a shy smiley girl who would smile at every single click to being a fierce sexy woman.
Such a transforming and empowering experience!

Jackie Fire

They took me out of my element…. and I loved it!!!

Masuimi and Morat are the perfect team! They both made me feel very comfortable with the photoshoot and I loved how they took me out of normal element.

I have been doing pretty pin up photos for quite some time, so doing this type of dark, spooky, but beautiful photoshoot was something I needed. I may have just entered the darkside and not wanting to go back to my pink princess days. Haha.

Masuimi really helped me learn more tricks of the trade of modeling. I learned a lot of finding my light and how to pose my body so I can look good at any angle. And Morat has such a great eye! Really they are the perfect team!

Whoever is thinking about doing a photoshoot with them…. do it! You will not be disappointed and you will have a great time. I’m pretty sure I have found friends in them both and we will meet again very soon.

Briana Ariel Sandford

Queen of the Damned Shoot

I was super nervous to not only meet one of my modeling idols, but to release my inhibitions and model in front of her! I thought I was not worthy of the opportunity.

From the moment arrived for my shoot, Masuimi and Morat more than welcomed me. I felt at ease and excited. It felt like I belonged.

The experience was amazing. I got my photos published in a Halloween issue of a magazine…soon to be revealed ;p

I’ve already booked my next shoot with the hopes of being published again! Through the process I’ve gained a friend and onto business partner.

Thank you so much Masuimi and Morat. You two are amazing!

Lauren Butterworth

Amazing Experience

Let me first say what an amazing experience this was. I’m a big fan of Fetish modeling and love Masumi Max. I’ve always wanted to do super dark and fetish type photos on a very grand scale, however, I wouldn’t even know where to start. The ”I AM DEADLY” package allows just that. It’s worth the price and more to not only have the best beauty team glam you up, but then you’re styled by Masumi Max herself, from her own wardrobe collections, and then photographed by one of the most talented photographers, Morat, whose work I was already familiar with. What was the cherry on top for me, was Masumi’s guidance during the photoshoot. While we all want to be models or look perfect on camera, Masumi is very talented in bringing the very best character out you. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing anything like this, then ”I AM DEADLY” is everything you need and more. You won’t be disappointed.

Melissa Anderson-Deadrich

Thank you!

There aren’t words for how much fun my shoot was. I knew it would be, but it most definitely exceeded my expectations. I tried not to think about it too much before the day of the shoot came, because shooting with two living legends is just a little intimidating… Aside from the amazing wardrobe, makeup and coaching I got from Masuimi & Morat’s pure artistry… what I was blown away by most was the warmth that exuded from both of them, I instantly felt comfortable & ready to rock & the finished product speaks for itself!
I can’t wait to shoot with them again someday!

Lesley Tesh